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The Bone Jar (Detective Lew Kirby, #1) Two Murders An Abandoned Asylum Will A Mysterious Former Patient Help Untangle The Dark Truth The Body Of An Elderly Woman Has Been Found In The Bowels Of A Derelict Asylum On The Banks Of The Thames As Detective Lew Kirby And His Partner Begin Their Investigation, Another Body Is Discovered In The River Nearby How Are The Two Murders Connected Before Long, The Secrets Of Blackwater Asylum Begin To Reveal Themselves There Are Rumours About Underground Bunkers And Secret Rooms, Unspeakable Psychological Experimentation, And A Dark Force That Haunts The Ruins, Trying To Pull Back In All Those Who Attempt To Escape Urban Explorer Connie Darke, Whose Sister Died In A Freak Accident At The Asylum, Is Determined To Help Lew Expose Its Grisly Past Meanwhile Lew Discovers A Devastating Family Secret That Threatens To Turn His Life Upside DownAs His World Crumbles Around Him, Lew Must Put The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together To Keep The Killer From Striking Again Only An Eccentric Former Patient Really Knows The Truth But Will He Reveal It To Lew Before It S Too Late

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    This book rocked I loved it As I write this review, I m already plotting how to put in my request to ensure Connie and Raymond both make it back to the next book in the series.The Bone Jar mystery begins when the security guard of an old, dilapidated asylum discovers an elderly lady dead in one of the rooms Soon DI Lew Kirby and his partner Pete Anderson

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    You know when you read the description of a book and you re stoked to get it started and then you re reading and reading and nothing really happens and then you get sad because the book is not living up to the expectations of the description of said book You know when that happens Well, that s basically what happened with The Bone Jar It s not a terrible

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    Interesting It was a good book I got a little confused at the end though and still wonder what it meant but the rest of the book was really good I got a Little bored in the 55 to 65% range but it really was a twisted take and I really enjoyed it It starts with the murder of an elderly lady in the vacant asylum and a missing person and it s a tangled bunch

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    I thoroughly enjoyed The Bone Jar, it was chilly and atmospheric, set mostly in and around an abandoned asylum.A body is found setting off an investigation that has its roots firmly in the past, the plotting is clever and intelligent, the writing addictively flowing.I liked the unpredictable nature of this, some engaging characters and a great descriptive s

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    I feel bad saying this about the efforts of a new author but this book didn t impress me much PS there are some spoilers, not in detail but you might not want to read beyond the next para.Given the location of an abandoned Victorian asylum and the extraordinary weather a series of snow covered, icy weather in the middle of London s urban heat island, I found

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    What a great book this was So full of twists and turns keeps you second guessing yourself The premise is basically, the body of 85 year old woman turns up in the abandoned Blackwater Asylum What is her connection, if any, to the asylum Though it could be called a police procedural, I think it sa psychological thriller, as it focuses on secrets and connections

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    London based author S.W Kane makes her literary debut with the crime thriller The Bone Jar, a Thomas Mercer release due for publication on July 1st, 2020 that is listed as one ofs June First Read titles offering Prime members a first glimpse at up and coming titles The story centers around Blackwater Asylum, a former mental health asylum still sitting on prize

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    I felt like I read forever and still couldn t connect all the characters.

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    I picked The Bone Jar as my freeprime first reads choice for June and I enjoyed it a lot I appreciate crime fiction where I can clearly picture the places described and the eerie threatening presence of the old Victorian asylum at the heart of this novel felt very real and very well described In my student days, I had a friend in a dodgy part of London that was

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    I enjoyed reading this book with all the suspense and mystery about an asylum long closed and the many secrets of the people who lived and worked there decades ago It was well written but there were so many characters that I found it hard to keep track of them All in all it was a good read.

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