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The Boyfriend Project USA Today Bestselling Author Farrah Rochon Launches A New Series About Three Young Women Who Become Friends When The Live Tweeting Of A Disastrous Date Leads Them To Discover They Ve All Been Duped By The Same ManSamiah Brooks Never Thought She Would Be That Girl But A Live Tweet Of A Horrific Date Just Revealed The Painful Truth She S Been Catfished By A Three Timing Jerk Of A Boyfriend Suddenly Samiah Along With His Two Other Girlfriends, London And Taylor Have Gone Viral Online Now The Three New Besties Are Making A Pact To Spend The Next Six Months Investing In Themselves No Men, No Dating, And No Worrying About Their Relationship StatusFor Once Samiah Is Putting Herself First, And That Includes Finally Developing The App She S Always Dreamed Of Creating Which Is The Exact Moment She Meets The Deliciously Sexy, Honey Eyed Daniel Collins At Work What Are The Chances When It Comes To Love, There S No Such Thing As A Coincidence But Is Daniel Really Boyfriend Material Or Is He Maybe Just A Little Too Good To Be True

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    Five smart, steamy, entertaining, action packed, addictive, office romance with so much likable couple who conquers our hearts with their sizzling, hot chemistry This book at my wishlist and I m so happy my wish finally come true because it was so muchthan I expected There are so many positive attributes which I truly enjoyed about great books.

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    4 STARSYassssss This is what I am talking about It is about time that romance books featuring black characters are marketed the same way as romance books with white characters have been for years.There was not white savior or poor, ghetto black woman in sight What you are getting is a black man and woman being represented just how we are in real life No

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    What happens when 3 smart girls get screwed over by one guy They get together and form The Boyfriend Project I loved this book I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy it after reading the rave reviews, I just didn t realize how much It was so muchthan a rom com There was some depth and a little mystery thrown in there too.Samiah has it going onshe has a great joba

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    The Boyfriend Project is a refreshing office romance that I enjoyed reading, but had some mixed feelings about.We follow Samiah Brooks, a badass black woman working for a major tech company She finds out that she was catfished by her boyfriend, who was simultaneously dating two other women She confronts him with the two other girls, Taylor and London, and team up to expose

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    This was okay I just finished the audiobook and there were some things I really enjoyed about this book and other things I didn t I love our main character in this book and I love that she s a badass bitch that works in Tech I love seeingfemale lead characters with jobs like this, it s very empowering, and I loved the female friendships in this book They were so cute to read about, b

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    5 Stars I LOVED this book for so many reasons Everyone should go pick it up, right now Samiah is a woman in tech, so she already has to work harder when it comes to her career She also wants to find a partner She is seeing someone and thinks it may work, until she starts reading someone s disastrous date tweets and she realizes this is the man she s been seeing Her and 2 other women who have a

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    someone tell me why it s still legal to use 3rd person perspective in romance novelsalso the secret agent thing just really didn t do it for me rtc buddy read with my romance reading buddy, menna Thank youuuu Netgalley for approving me for this titlesomeone tell me why it s still legal to use 3rd person perspective in romance novelsalso the secret agent thing just really didn t do it for me rtc buddy re

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    This was one of my most anticipated releases of 2020, and boy do I wish I d loved it I really wanted to, but it ultimately was a let down on most fronts, and this hurts my soul to say The premise of The Boyfriend Project set it up to be a new favorite of mine, and through all my excitement and even when I started the book, never once did it cross my mind that this is a book I might dislike Three women who form a

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    This book was EVERYTHING you want in a romcom Fantastic characters witty banter sizzling chemistry fabulous female friendships swoony romance Farrah Rochon, you queen This was fab The book kicks off with Samiah finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her not only with one, but two other women The upside to this is that Samiah and the other two women Taylor and London form a fast friendship Bonding over Craig the sleaze Th

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    I read romantic fiction for the escapism I like that I know the ending before I even start the book I like that I know there are going to be two characters that are destined to be together and will have to get over a roadblock in their relationship at about the 80 85% mark that will make it seem like their relationship is doomed but it won t be because of one last great big gesture that will have me swooning at the end This book gav

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