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The Only Good Indians The Creeping Horror Of Paul Tremblay Meets Tommy Orange S There There In A Dark Novel Of Revenge, Cultural Identity, And The Cost Of Breaking From Tradition In This Latest Novel From The Jordan Peele Of Horror Literature, Stephen Graham Jones Seamlessly Blending Classic Horror And A Dramatic Narrative With Sharp Social Commentary, The Only Good Indians Follows Four American Indian Men After A Disturbing Event From Their Youth Puts Them In A Desperate Struggle For Their Lives Tracked By An Entity Bent On Revenge, These Childhood Friends Are Helpless As The Culture And Traditions They Left Behind Catch Up To Them In A Violent, Vengeful Way

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    Another book hit me on the face and gave me complex feelings I liked it but I also disliked it as well I hate to be decisive and stay in the middle I also hate grey I liked to choose between black and white So let s rephrase how this book confused the hell of me Firstly this is fresh, inventive, unique, different story and seeing Native American representation always picks my int

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    It s always tough to write a middle of the road review for one of your most anticipated releases of the year, but I hope to do so with the respect and honor that the author deserves What it comes down to is this my 3 star rating isa case of my not being wholly compatible with the story than any fault of the author s Going into this expecting something along the lines of The Ritual, I

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    THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS is a masterpiece Intimate, devastating, brutal, terrifying, yet warm and heartbreaking in the best way, Stephen Graham Jones has written a horror novel about injustice and, ultimately, about hope Not a false, sentimental hope, but the real one, the one that some of us survive and keeps the rest of us going And it gives me hope that this book exists.

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    Review originally published May 5th at Cemetery Dancehttps www.cemeterydance.com extras I read an interview with Stephen Graham Jones where he said, I just figure I am Blackfeet, so every story I tell s going to be Blackfeet Uncanny Magazine Julia Rios This one, simple statement is manifested in SGJ s body of work each book wildly different from the last, but distinctly identifiable as his o

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    Comanche Chief Tosawi reputedly told Union General Philip Sheridan in 1869, Tosawi, good Indian, to which Sheridan supposedly replied, The only good Indians I ever saw were dead Wikipedia You hide in the herd You wait And you never forget Payback s a bitch, with antlers Lewis, a Blackfeet, has lived off the rez for a long time In his 30s, he s a postal worker, with a beautiful, athletic wife, Pe

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    Four young American Indian men find themselves fighting for their lives against an entity who wants revenge after an event that occurred during an elk hunt ten years earlier Many are really enjoying this book and I encourage my fellow readers to read those reviews This book just wasn t for me I struggled with the writing style, I found it slow in parts, and overall just not my cup of tea I love a go

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    THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS is a superb, gut wrenching novel, and it wrecked me I ve been sitting here struggling to come up with some words that don t sound like the same old thing This book is not the same old thing I ve been sitting here struggling to find a way to relate to you the mind warping effects of this novel, because it is mind warping I wish I had a way to explain how the guilt here was wrapped u

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    Jones has written a chilling and original story of revenge set in contemporary Indian Country that had me staying up late turning pages as fast as I could The book is bloody and brutal at times, but also intimate, heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful Jones boldly and bravely incorporates both the difficult and the beautiful parts of contemporary Indian life into his story, never once falling into stereotype

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    Being an Indian and loving horror I was excited to get this ARC The premise was original and intriguing, it drew me in It turned out to be a huge disappointment The writing was flat, banal and confusing It was slow paced and just never grabbed me.

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    Wishes really do come true Thank you to Gallery Books for providing me with an ARC I love the sounds of this Y all know, I am always down for a strong revenge plot Early reviews for this are encouraging and I can t wait to pick it up Happy day Wishes really do come true Thank you to Gallery Books for providing me with an ARC I love the sounds of this Y all know, I am always down for a strong revenge plot Early revi

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Stephen Graham Jones is the author of fifteen novels and six collections He really likes werewolves and slashers Favorite novels change daily, but Valis and Love Medicine and Lonesome Dove and It and The Things They Carried are all usually up there somewhere Stephen lives in Boulder, Colorado It s a big change from the West Texas he grew up in He s married with a couple kids, and probably one too many trucks.